Cold brew coffee is a new buzzword that you could have heard. It's showing up all over the country in coffee shops, in food markets, and also at the Farmer's Marketplace. You could be curious what it is and how it's not the same as just having iced coffee. 

The standard method of making coffee is to place it through a hot-drip machine or an espresso machine. Cold brew coffee never heats the grounds; it is a slow brew that takes 12-24 hours, based on the business's desired method. Coffee beans possess acids in them that are released by heat, that is why espresso is even more bitter than hot-drip coffee, it had been made quicker and using hotter drinking water. Releasing acids cause the coffee to oxidize, or taste bitter and older the much longer it sits out. Cold brewing creates a well-balanced coffee that will taste delicious and fresh for an extended period after it's brewed. 

In comparison to hot-drip coffee, private label cold brew coffee has about 2/3 much less acid. People enjoy that for many reasons. For one, the coffee doesn't taste bitter. This enables you to obtain additional of the notes of the real coffee bean rather than being hidden behind all the acidity. Individuals who don't usually like coffee find cold brew a lot more palatable because it does not have all that bitterness. 

There is a natural hint of sweetness, and having less bitterness requires fewer sugars for those who would usually put sugar in their coffee. The best thing about cold brew coffee is that it does not bother the stomach like regular coffee or espresso does, since it has significantly less acid in it. Other folks have shared that they feel that less acid is way better because of their teeth and bodies. There is an array of explanations why people like cold brew coffee. Convenience is another aspect since you can purchase a pre-brewed concentrate in lots of grocery stores. That is convenient each morning because you don't need to brew anything, it's just all set; on-the-go or while traveling; and even in the office rather than needing to step out to visit a coffee shop and purchase another latte.If you want to learn more about cold brew coffee, you can visit 

If you haven't yet encountered cold brew coffee, you should find some and give it a go. Practically every city in the US have a local cold brew coffee company and coffee shops have added it to their menus. You can even start your own cold brew coffee company and purchase private label cold brew kegs from Station Cold Brew here: If you cannot think it is or don't want to look, you can even own it shipped to your dwelling. If you hadn't heard about it before, today you will begin to hear about it everywhere, click here to get started!